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Gospel Music’s Sweetheart, Jekalyn Carr, Says Farewell To Her Highly Accomplished Teenage Years &amp

Jekalyn Carrhas been known as a dynamic singer, speaker, and preacher for nearly half of the mere twenty years of her life. Already, in her lifetime, she has been graced to accomplish far more than most of those of similar age. In her career, she has achieved many milestones and accolades very early on as a young artist and minister. Carr is astutely aware of the favor of God that she carries in her life and in her ministry, as well as the profound calling that it accompanies. She gives all glory and honor to God for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon her and remains submissive to His will for her.

Carr started preaching at the tender age of 13, and prompted by the overwhelming response to a video clip that went viral, rapidly became a highly sought-after speaker at churches, schools, and organizations, nationwide. A gifted and anointed singer as well, Carr released her first national album, Greater Is Coming, at age 15. The success of the lead single and title track, “Greater Is Coming,” is widely considered to be Carr’s breakthrough moment and the album resulted in her first Stellar Award win, for Children’s Project of the Year, when she was just 16. At the age of 19, Carr released her first live album, The Life Project, and its debut single, “You’re Bigger.” The two became her first #1 album and #1 single, respectively. The Life Project also garnered Carr her first Grammy nomination and her first two Billboard Music Award nominations.

Having just turned 20 years old, Carr now recognizes, more than ever, her purpose and the calling of God on her life. She desires to pour out all that God has bestowed upon her for the advancement of His kingdom and the benefit of His people. To that end, already in 2017, she has added “Author” to her esteemed list of titles with the announcement of her first book, entitled You Will Win: Inspirational Strategies to Help You Overcome, which will be released later this year.

In addition to the book, Carr has recently announced her second live recording, which she has titled One Nation Under God. With this recording event and forthcoming release, Carr prays to exemplify how God desires to see His people, and how we should see ourselves – as one united body of believers. God’s love for us all is consistent. The same love, grace, and mercy that He extends to one, He extends to all. From America to Africa, to Russia, to Asia, and all around the world – God’s love is able to reach all and cover all. The One Nation Under God live recording will take place on June 22nd at Brown Baptist Church in Southaven, MS.

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