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Hillary Clinton Holds Rally In Baton Rouge

By James Terry III


Baton Rouge, Louisiana  - The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Baton Rouge on Monday morning.


Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop at the Louisiana Leadership Institute on Hooper Road at 10:00 a.m.


To a crowd of 300 supports, It’s being described as a grassroots organizing event ahead of Louisiana’s March 5 primary. The goal is to rally volunteers in the Baton Rouge area.


The Democratic presidential candidate kicked off a series of health care events with an embrace of the law, arguing that Republican resistance to the overhaul had hurt working families seeking to gain coverage. She credited the health care law with decreasing the rate of uninsured Americans to the lowest level in 50 years.


“I’m not going to let them tear up that law, kick 16 million people off their health coverage and force the country to start the health care debate all over again,” Clinton said at the Louisiana Leadership Institute. “Not on my watch.” She said, “I want to build on the progress we’ve made.”


Clinton’s focus on health care comes as the share of Americans without health insurance has dipped to historically low levels due both to the law’s expansion in coverage and recent economic growth. While the law’s rocky rollout and longstanding GOP opposition caused Obama’s party headaches, Democrats seeking to succeed him are embracing the plan and talking about ways to build upon it.

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